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Affordable Technology Solutions

Today's world is data driven. With competition and complexity increasing at every turn, Wallace Accounting & Advisory is poised to help you increase your situational awareness, team efficiency, and workflow processes. With a focus on cloud based technology, low cost to entry, and mobility, we put the power and intelligence you need to see exactly what's going on in your business in the power of your hands.  

Our team uses a monthly pricing and subscription model. We setup and customize the solution needed to solve your biggest challenges and then put together a pricing plan that wont break the bank. Included in the price is the setup and maintenance...all built in.


Dashboards and Business intelligence

Our team can partner with you to customize a business intelligence dashboard solution that works for you and your budget. By having real time data, you can make decisions and see changes at the speed of business. Don't wait until your bank account tells you that you have a problem. See it in advance. 


business management software solution

We can customize a business management software to help you manage many of the processes that have to happen in order to make your business successful. Stop relying on emails and texts to manage the requests, tasks, and reports. Implement a custom, mobile solution at an affordable price. 


Team communication solution

Our team can setup and administer secure company emails, intranet solutions, secure file storage, ticket systems, and a host of other custom solutions to help your team work seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively together while keeping you in control and in the know on what's happening at all times.

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