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Core Services

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What We Do



We offer a full range of accounting services using cloud based technologies so that you have full access to your books 24/7. We generate monthly financials with industry benchmark data metrics so you can see how you stack up to the competition. Our financials are easy to read and actionable so you can focus your attention on solving your biggest challenges. 


Our simple, flat fee model provides you with a market leading technology platform at an affordable price. You can leverage easy to use software and powerful features to monitor things like seeing who is about to go into overtime, who is clocking in late, and other self service features that keep you from having to take on time consuming things like fetching a check stub for an employee. 

Accounts payable

We can handle your accounts payable while keeping you in full control of every check that goes out the door. Our cloud based software allows you or your team to scan in bills from the office and uses advanced workflow to ensure that all purchases are valid and approved prior to being paid. You can login and approve payments from anywhere, anytime. Simple. 

business consulting

Wallace Accounting and Advisory is one of the few firms that has business professionals with actual hands on experience building and operating dental and medical companies. Let us put the lessons we learned in the trenches to work for you to help you grow your revenue, cut your costs, and make more money. 


From your business to personal taxes, we can handle any level of simplicity or complexity you throw at us. Our goal is to help you use every avenue possible to take full advantage of all the deductions and deferred liabilities you are entitled to. We also plan ahead to make sure we put you in the best situation for your business and personally so you can pay less taxes next year.

Transaction services

If you are preparing to sell your practice or group of practices within the next 24 months, our firm can help position you to receive the maximum value for your practice or group. We take a hands on approach to cleaning up your financials and data plus we help implement key systems and processes that in our experience, have a major impact on your valuation. 


Our Technology

Wallace Accounting and Advisory was built to be the accounting firm of the future. Leveraging cloud based technologies and platforms allows us to keep costs down while providing a high level of service, security, and capability. We put you in command with everything going on in your practice in an easy to use interface that can be accessed from your computer or smartphone wherever you are. Welcome to a world where you are in touch with the most critical aspects of your business and your money.